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What is CJPRIDE?

CJPRIDE is a large consortium of school districts that have committed to each other with the combined effort of seeking and acquiring new talent for individual districts from populations that are not well represented. The group originated with a small number of districts in central New Jersey but has since expanded to several neighboring counties and consists of more than 60 actively participating school districts.

Meetings typically take place virtually or at the board offices in West Windsor. Every spring, the group sponsors a large recruitment fair in which all members can participate. The meetings before the fair allow the group to plan for the event and utilize technology for analyzing candidates and staffing needs. Only members who have joined the consortium prior to January before the fair are permitted to participate. CJPRIDE works closely with partners such as and enjoys discounts from Global Compliance Network (GCN) and other vendors who cater to Human Resources for school districts. 

How do I join?

Districts desiring membership in CJPRIDE must submit a completed, board-approved shared services agreement and initial registration fee. Annual dues are submitted each year, and funds are used according to the agreements and decided upon by member vote.

Representatives, often directors of human resources and assistant superintendents for personnel, meet several times a year to discuss strategies for meeting goals aligned for the group. There is great value in the networking opportunities and the development of partnerships with colleagues from around the state.

If you’d like to learn more, or join CJPRIDE, please contact:


Charity Comella, CJPRIDE President

Assistant Superintendent for Personnel

West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District

(609) 716-5000, extension 5015

Essential Professional Development

Inclusive Job Fairs

Student Scholarships

Member Districts

The consortium is comprised of the following school districts.
As a benefit to CJPRIDE membership, the links below lead directly to districts' employment pages:

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Our Partners 

Since 1999, has been the premier platform providing invaluable recruiting services to hundreds of public and private school districts in New Jersey. offers a user-friendly, integrated website to search for job opportunities in the Pre-K to Grade 12 world — and provides school districts with assistance attracting quality staff through affordable recruitment strategies.  Visit 

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